"Sometimes we hear stories from Reedy Fork customers that need to be shared. A recent example is a turkey named Velma who belongs to a wonderful lady named Danielle. We thought it especially appropriate for Thanksgiving time! Velma the turkey was destined to be dinner, but then she broke her leg and stole Danielle’s heart. Call her a softie, but it’s the way our story goes. Since Velma hobbled wherever she went, Danielle couldn’t help but rescue her. A year ago, things could only be termed so-so when Velma started staying in the coop all the time, “a-laying” around with a nasty bumble on her foot. Then the poor thing developed infection on her belly from all that lying around. When the vet examined Velma, she told Danielle that if anyone else owned her, she’d put Velma down. But knowing Danielle and her heart for Velma, she couldn’t do it. So a plan was put into place: they rigged up a tub for Velma as well as a sling to help her stay off her hurt foot and to support her belly. Velma has another tub with a special pillow designed for night time use. Danielle’s daily ritual is to clean out Velma’s infections and feed her Reedy Fork organic feed. Even though she only weighs seven pounds, Velma loves to eat and she especially loves Danielle’s attention. Now Velma’s found purpose in her lying around in the coop. She’s an excellent surrogate mother and has hatched a rooster and all Danielle’s hens. Turns out, she loves to sit on eggs! And once hatched, the little chicks love to run up and down her back in the daytime and snuggle and sleep on her back at night. So Velma is thankful for a broken leg and a new purpose. The chicks are thankful for a mama that looks an awful lot like a turkey. Danielle is thankful for a helpful vet and good organic feed. At Reedy Fork, we’re thankful for customers like Danielle who swap stories with us and loyally support us. At this time of year especially, we would like to thank you for your continued business. And during this special season, may you and yours find big and small things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!"

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