"[caption id=""attachment_860"" align=""alignright"" width=""282""] Calvin, the winning chicken portrait.[/caption]Just because we live out in the country doesn't mean that we're not society folks - at least not if you define 'society' as social media! This week, we rolled out our brand new Google Plus page, and if you're on Google Plus, we'd love for you to follow us, write on our page, and share your pictures. We've also noticed that many of you have 'Pinned' us on Pinterest! Thanks so much for sharing about us with others. We're *thinking* about starting a Pinterest page especially for Reedy Fork Organic Farm. What do you think? Speaking of Pinterest, a veterinarian office near us held a Pet Portrait contest on Pinterest last month. Kids drew portraits of their pets, and more than one of the pictures were of chickens fed with our feed. And...TWO of the pictures won! We're thrilled that Reedy Fork Organic Farm Chicken Feed makes winners. ;) If you've liked the Organic Valley Facebook page - and if you haven't you should! - you may have seen this, but it's too good not to pass along. Simply Organic is having Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Recipe Contest! They're giving away a Breville Grill and all sort of Organic Valley products and coupons. Enter here, and if you win, let us know and we'll brag about you on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus... "

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