Reedy Fork Farm Holiday Wish - Our Wishes for You May Your Holiday Season Yield A Healthy Crop of Joy, Hope & Peace. May You Find Your Happiness in the Hearts of Those Who Love You.

Living on a Farm

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 3/30/2024
We wish our customers and friends a peaceful, fruitful spring season. "To love a farm is not for the faint of heart, though some days it takes all we’ve got to keep our hearts strong, minds focused and feet moving. It’s the hard days of farming Read More

Organic Feed for Your Pullets

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 3/9/2024
When your pullets reach their ninth week, you can keep them growing and healthy with Organic Pullet Feed. Our Certified Organic Pullet feed contains grains, Fertrell Poultry NutriBalancer, and grit.  Read More

Flax Seed Gives Energy Boost

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 2/5/2024
Flax is high in protein and an excellent source of energy and essential fatty acids. Flax also can be used to fortify foods with omega-3 fatty acids. Research has shown that including flax in livestock diets increases the level of ALA, an essential Read More

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