Reedy Fork Farm Holiday Wish - Our Wishes for You May Your Holiday Season Yield A Healthy Crop of Joy, Hope & Peace. May You Find Your Happiness in the Hearts of Those Who Love You.

Flies Love the Heat

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 6/11/2021
The hotter it is, the more flies and insects appear to pester your livestock. You can throw a wet blanket on their feast by applying Eco-Shield©. This proven product mixes easily with water or oils. Eco-Shield© is blend of organic oils and Read More

Tips on Tomato Planting

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 6/1/2021
The cooler weather in the Piedmont area has given garden planters some more time to grow those delicious 'maters. Here are some tips for successful growth: Tomatoes grow best when they receive eight hours or more of direct sunlight each day...Read More

Plenty of Pullets for Sale

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 5/8/2021
If you hadn't ordered your pullets for the season, don't fret. We have them for sale for $15 each. They have been doing great at our farm so you can trust they will thrive at your place. Order a dozen or more! You can order here online and we'll Read More

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