George Teague is an owner of Reedy Fork Organic Farm. The son of Franklin Teague, he grew up on the farm, and has worked on it since he was small, although his official start date is 1980. George led the farm’s transition from conventional to being certified organic in 2007.George enjoys educating others about a sustainable way of life through organics. He also likes traveling, boating, and flying planes.
Education: Graduated from North Carolina State University in 1980 with an Associates degree in Agriculture
Family: Married with two children and two granddaughters
Cherry Teague is a coowner of the farm, and has been on the team since she married George. As the wife of a farmer, Cherry does a little of everything, working with the animals, in the office, meeting customers, doing marketing, and feeding everyone who comes in her kitchen. She also is the source of a much wisdom, encouragement, and down to earth common sense.Cherry loves to help people learn about organic food and diet. She also enjoys reading, camping , boating and cooking.
Family: Married with multiple cats, two children, and two granddaughters
Education: Associates degree in Criminal Justice

Ben Miller is our Field Manager, and has been on the farm since 2002, and he does just a little of everything. He's in the fields a lot, bringing in the grains so that our cows are fed and our mill is running. He also has a real soft spot for the cow, and is in charge of milking them one weekend every month.Ben loves anything mechanical -from restoring antique tractors to tinkering with cars. He also likes building things - especially woodworking - guns and trucks. Don't let that fool you. Ben is a romantic at heart; as you know if you've read about his romantic proposal and subsequent marriage to his wife Aeriel.
Education: Associated Degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Central Carolina Community College
Family: Married with four dogs, multiple cats, and pigs. He's also George Teague's nephew

buck truitt
Howard "Buck" Truitt has worked on our farm - and now in the mill - for over 40 years. Buck does a bit of everything around here; he's the quintessential farm hand, and he's been lending his hand through thick and thin! Buck's mechanical inclinations make him an invaluable for fixing whatever we need to have fixed, and he's great with the animals, too.When he's not helping here, you'll find Buck at a yard sale, playing with his amazing grandchildren (just ask him), or tinkering with old cars - or one of his three beautifully aging trucks.
Education: Altamahaw Ossippee High School
Family: Married with amazing grandchildren

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