"Despite the weather, spring really is here, and it's time to think about planting your garden! Organic gardening is a healthy and economical way to feed your family. Reedy Fork Organic Farm offers you a wide range of products that you'll need to make your garden grow. Alfalfa Pellets are a great source of nitrogen, and nicely balanced with phosphorous and potassium. It's a great alternative to blood meal, conditioning your soil with carbohydrates and protein. Most people notice greener leaves and more colorful fruits and vegetables. People also rave about the wonders of alfalfa with some flowering bulbs. Aragonite is a great source of calcium which is often needed for the acidic soil of North Carolina. The addition of aragonite to tomato plants can help prevent the dreaded blossom end rot. We also offer an All Purpose 5-5-3 soil amendment. It's an organic blend that provides balanced, slow release nutrients without the risk of burning your plants. You'll find that the 5-5-3 improves water penetration and conditions your soil for vigorous root growth. So - is anyone else hungry for a tomato warm from the vine?! Get your organic garden growing the right way with these soil amendments - now in stock at Reedy Fork Organic Farm! Place your order for your organic garden here!"

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