"One of our readers shared the following with us, and it was too profoundly cute not to pass along... ""Chicken Math"" is a phenomena widely understood and experienced by ""chicken folk,"" but I wanted to take a minute to explain to those of you who've never had the pleasure of being a flock caretaker so that you, too, might understand. Here's how it works: Early March 2012, I convince my husband to let me have ""about 3-4"" hens. I pick up six. One dies. Two weeks later, I go to the hatchery (which has offered to replace the one that died) and get seven more. Now I have 12. Through a series of events beyond our control (Marek's disease, that the chickens were *supposed* to be vaccinated against), we lose five of those birds. In September 2012, I pick up 8 more. Now, I have 15. But, sadly, in one week's time, we lose one to unknown disease and two to a predator. So, now we are down to 12. We continue along for a few months until we lose one more to Marek's Disease in March 2013. The very next week, a friend contacts me and asks if I'll take 3 chicks that another friend has used for a photo shoot and has nowhere to keep. OF COURSE I say yes. The same week, another friend loses a rooster and needs a home for her two grown hens, and OF COURSE I said, ""Yes!"" So, by the end of the weekend, our little flock of 3-4 hens will have grown to 16. And that, folks, is how ""chicken math"" works!"" If you and your family are using chicken math to count your chickens, take a page out of Laura's math book, and feed your backyard flock Reedy Fork Organic Chicken Feed! Place your order here..."

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