We recently received an email from some of our loyal customers, Mike and Sue, featuring Reedy Fork Farm on their YouTube channel Farm to Brookdale. In this segment Mike has included information on his organically fed Guinea Hens and after taking a trip to our farm, he features our very own Ben Miller discussing our history and how we’re growing today. Sixth generation farmer, Ben, explains how the farm started in the 1950’s as a dairy farm and how we have transformed today into also offering organic feed. Throughout the video you can catch glimpses of the mill and find out some valuable history of how we got to where we are today. Mike’s videos are being shared not only on YouTube but also around the country in various nursing homes, including those of his mother in law Louise, to provide residents a glimpse of farming and gardening tips. We hope you enjoy this entertaining and informative segment as much as we did! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha8dLUD7mMk&feature=youtu.be

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