"We hate to see another recall in the news about ground beef. It probably makes you a little nervous, with good reason! We want to assure you that at Reedy Fork Farm we are confident in our processor and the practices that they use to make sure all meat is slaughtered and cared for appropriately. We're also confident about the animals themselves. When you buy ground beef from us, it's from one cow that has been fed organic food and lived its life on pasture with lots of space to roam freely. This is not usually the case with mass produced ground beef. Most often, this meat is from cows that are raised in feed lots kept in close proximity to many other cows, increasing the chances that the animal has e coli in its gut. The nature of mass processing is such that occasionally intestinal contents will splash into the meat itself, contaminating it with e coli bacteria. Although cooking meat kills e coli, it's easy for it to contaminate the cooking area. As the holidays approach, make sure your family is safe. Feed them organic beef from Reedy Fork Farm, and have the peace of mind that comes from purchasing from your local, sustainable, organic farm! Place your order here!"

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