"It’s that time of year where the flies drive you and your livestock animals crazy! We have two products that will help you rid these pests in our farm store today. Made from essential oils, the aromatic Ectophyte stops the life cycle of flies and lice on your animals’ bodies. Ectophyte is easy to use, and you can choose to dilute it with water or oil. We have it in our store for $105 per gallon, which makes up to 12 gallons of finished product. Flies Be Gone Pre-Mix is a mixture of sulfur, salt, and other ingredients. You can feed it free choice to your cattle, sheep, or goat, or you can mix it into their food. It makes your animals taste bad to flies, and they’ll ‘be gone’. Both of these products are essential around Reedy Fork Farm. You can order them today, or come by our store and get yours today. Your animals will thank you – with the exception of those pesky flies!"

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