"As a local business, we at Reedy Fork Farm understand the importance striving to continuously improve processes and procedures to become more effective. We always want to share opportunities for other small local farms to receive assistance as well. Founded in 2014, The Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund has a grant opportunity for $5,000 in grant money for a small farm (one person or family) in North Carolina. If your North Carolina farm has been in operation for at least two years as of July 1, generates at least 50% of your own personal income, and you have not received this grant before, you qualify to apply! While there is no limitation on the use of the grant, it is meant to improve the operations and success of your farm. What do you need to do next? Simply visit the grant application website, and fill out an application. In addition, an interview at your farm will be required. A winner will be announced on September 11, 2016, at the annual Dinner in the Meadow. We love to see local farms succeed and we wish you the best of success! "

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