"Shirts for sale! Don’t miss your limited edition Reedy Fork T-shirt created from organic North Carolina cotton! This locally grown cotton travels less than 800 miles from dirt to shirt and helps support over 700 North Carolina jobs. You prefer local and organic on your plate; now’s your chance to have local and organic in your closet. These organic T-shirts will never shrink. They are durable: iron them or dry them with great results. They’re printed with incredibly soft, environmentally-friendly inks and dyed with low impact dyes. Arguably, your Reedy Fork T-shirt of organic North Carolina cotton is one of the most sustainable commercially available T-shirts on the planet. However, quantities are limited, and at this price*, you need to order quickly to avoid udder disappointment. Place your order today at www.ReedyForkFarm.com or by phone at 336.449.4888. *$25 S-XL and $28 XXL "

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