"Once upon a time in an organic dairy farm not too far away lived a handsome, hardworking farmboy named Ben. When he wasn’t working on the farm, he was working on his undergraduate degree at a local university. Unbeknownst to him, a beautiful young maiden named Aeriel was attending university in an enchanted oak forest nearby. (And for those of you who don’t know, Elon means oak…) Aeriel’s BFF’s just knew that Ben and Aeriel were perfect for each other so they suggested they friend each other on Facebook. Facebook messages led to swapped mobile numbers and eventually a face-to-face meeting at the local coffee shop where Aeriel worked. (Not only was she beautiful: she too was hardworking!) Ben was so smitten at first sight that he didn’t notice a low-hanging light fixture until he conked his head on it. In more ways than one, he never knew what hit him. A first date led to a second date where the two chatted about everything and nothing for three hours. Although, there were no fairy godmothers, magic mirrors or dragons, there was magic between Ben and Aeriel. They quickly fell in love and spent all their spare time together (when they weren’t working on their respective university degrees, or at the coffee shop or the not-so-distant farm.) One day the farm received a brand new magical coach that looked a lot like a brand new state- of-the-art tractor. Ben asked Aeriel to join him for a romantic, scenic ride across the farm land, and she said “yes.” They held hands, tried out the new bush hog and eventually stopped on a hilltop overlooking the river, a breathtaking sight. That’s when Ben said “Alas! Methinks something must be broken!” and hopped down to fix the magical…tractor. He left Aeriel at the controls in the climate-controlled hull. Then he called to her “Aeriel, my true love, wherefore art my wrench to fix yon coach? Look, I pray thee, in the secret chamber called the glove compartment.” So she opened it and was stunned to see a blue ring box inside. She laughed, she cried, and she screamed, “My beloved! Is there something thou wishest to asketh me?” “Come down hither and findeth out!” And she did. And he held her hand and asked her to marry him. When she said yes, they kissed and hugged and screamed some more. Don’t you love happy endings? There’s a spring wedding in the works for Ben and Aeriel – stay tuned! [gallery]"

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