"We love telling people about Reedy Fork Organic Farm, but the best way for you to get to know us is to come and let us show you on one of our farm tour. Adults and children alike love visiting and learning - and eating and playing! Farm tours include a visit to see the cows and calves and how they‚Äôre cared for. What do they like to eat? Where do they like to sleep? What‚Äôs in their mouths right now and why do they keep chewing? Then you can see the chickens and visit the spot where they usually lay their eggs. What do the chickens eat? Are there chicks in all those eggs? Do chickens eat bugs?! If you're like most folks, you'll be fascinated by the workings of the mill - the augers and the presses and the mill itself. And the farm store has tempting treats for young and old alike. Tours typically last one hour and include a hayride to see where we grow grain and other products, time with the calves (seasonal), a visit to the milking parlor, and seeing your tour guide milk a cow (weather permitting). Bring a bag lunch and a blanket, and we'll show you some great spots for a picnic! Book a Date. Take a look at the following details for booking: ¬? For every 10 children, one adult must accompany them. ¬? For groups of 24 and under, children will receive a carton of milk. ¬? For groups of 25 and over, cartons of milk will be provided for an additional cost of 50 cents per person. ¬? Tours for adults 21 and over include a visit to the mill area where organic feed is delivered, processed and packaged. ¬? Tours usually last one hour and cost $100 for the group. To reserve your date and time, contact Melissa here! Don‚Äôt wait until the cows come home before you book your RFF tour. Call or email today to avoid udder disappointment."

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