"Recently, there's been a lot of sharing about sharing and Facebook. We'd like to share something about Facebook with you! If you like our page, Facebook doesn't share everything we post with you. It chooses just a few of our 'fans', and shows the post just to them. Just a few. If one of those few people likes and/or shares our stuff, then Mr. Facebook thinks, ""Hmmm. Somebody likes this. I should show it to some more people. If one person likes it, others will, too."" So, they share it to a few more people. If those people like, share, or comment, Mr. Facebook thinks, ""Wow! This must really be great! Let's show it to even more folks!"" Now if you comment on a post, Mr. Facebook is really, really impressed, and shares even more. When you share about Reedy Fork Organic Farm, the benefit is shared with your friends and with us. PS We'd like to share one more thing. If you want to make sure you see everything we put on Facebook first, go to our page. Look for the down arrow beside ""Following"", and choose ""See first"" and ""Get notifications"". "

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