"Organic Valley began thirty years ago as a group of seven small farms in Wisconsin. Since then, the cooperative has grown to include over 2000 family farms. That growth is possible because of customers like you. You choose to spend your milk money on products that are produced with honesty and simplicity: organic products produced by farmers and tradesfolk who care about animals, the environment, and consumers. Reedy Fork Farm is proud to be part of OV - proud to be feeding you and your family. Our farm has been a part of Organic Valley since 2007. (Read our history and about how we decided to become organic.) So if you've bought Organic Valley or Stonyfield milk, there's a good chance that you're drinking milk from our girls! The growth of Organic Valley is all because of a growing base of customers that are insisting on good, wholesome food. So, as a farmer in the Organic Valley Coop, we thank you. We thank you for supporting your local farmer. We thank you for insisting on organic, sustainable products. We thank you for helping us to ""bring the good"". Don't forget that you can purchase any Organic Valley products right here at our store. We stock their milk - white and chocolate - and Stringles. Anything else can be ordered for pickup here. "

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