"Introducing the exclusive Start a Chick Kit from Reedy Fork Farm. This kit comes with everything you need to get started raising ten chicks! The Start a Chick comes in a five gallon bucket that has everything in it to start 10 biddies:      •Five pounds of Reedy Fork Farm organic starter feed - $10 Value      •Dimantacious earth - $2.50 Value      •Poultry grit - $2.50 Value      •Feeder - $5.00 Value      •Waterer - $5.00 Value      •Shavings - $3.00 Value      •5 Gallson storage container - $6.00 Value      •Handy guide on how to use everything. You get everything above for only $25! That's a great value. All you have to do is add the chicks - and the love! Place your order here. "

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