"Does your feed have GMO’s? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Reedy Fork Organic Farm. And the answer is a big fat, “No!”. It’s not just our feed…our milk, our meat, our eggs, and vast majority of the products we sell at Reedy Fork Farm are Certified Organic by the USDA. That means that we can’t use anything that has anything genetically modified in it. Our cows can’t eat anything with GMO’s. Our chickens can’t either. We can’t plant anything genetically modified. We can’t use any GMO additives. Shoot – we can’t even buy anything GMO. We can’t put anything genetically modified in our feed.. We even have to take steps that our crops are protected from pollen coming from other farms that may have GMO crops! So when you purchase anything from us, you can count on it being certified organic – which means GMO free. Eat anything from RFF, feed it to your animals, plant it in your field, or use it as ingredients in products with confidence. So again, to answer that question – does our feed have GMO’s? No, no, we don’t GMO!"

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