"Coccidiosis.- also called “Cocci” is a cute little name for a horrible disease that will kill your chickens. When your chickens get cocci, a parasite takes up residence in the chicken’s small intestine - and then can easily spread to the rest of your flock through the droppings of one infected bird. Conditions of warmer weather provide a perfect environment for this infection spreading from bird to bird. Chicks and younger hens are more susceptible, but older hens can also be affected. It can be asymptomatic, so it’s not unusual for a chicken to drop dead without any prior indications. You may see blood in a chicken’s droppings – but you can’t count on it. What can a chicken mom do? For your chickens’ sake, you’d rather prevent an outbreak of Coccidiosis rather than treat it. The standard advice has been to keep the hen house and outdoor pecking area swept out and cleaned up. While that’s always a good idea, the parasites can still find your “girls.” Available in a 1 pound jar or a 50 gram pouch, a 10 gram scoop allows you to dose 1000 birds at one time. If your backyard flock runs somewhat smaller, you’ll be pleased to know that DFM has a long shelf life. When you store it a moderate, dry environment, the product should last for years. (Over 120 degrees would damage it, and moisture could make the microbes active.) This water soluble product is intended for poultry producers who choose to use this in the chicks’ first water and at the beginning of the second week. If you’d like to find out more or you’d like to purchase this product, give us a call. Place your order for Fetrell's DFM here."

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