Feed-Bag-ChickensWe're not the only organic feed on the market. Here's why we're better than a lot of the others: 1. We don't put byproducts in any of our feed. By products are leftovers from when a grain is processed. It's part of the whole grain, but not the whole part. For example, rice bran is the byproduct left when rice is the hull that is left when rice is milled. Byproducts don't have the same nutrients as the whole grain. 2. We use ONLY whole grains that are totally sourced within the United States. We never use imports. 3. We also offer soy AND soy free products. Most organic suppliers only offer soy free. We know that many of you want the choice, because you know that soy done right (and we do it right) is good for your animals! 4. We will mill you custom rations. 5. We offer a variety of sizes for our feed: 25 and 50 pound bags, as well as totes. When we say we offer the best for your animals, we're not making empty assertions. We do offer the very best rations available...from our fork, to yours!

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