"What came first, the organic chicken….or the organic egg? The proverbial question may never be summarily answered. Yet organic eggs only come from organic laying hens. What makes a laying hen organic? A big part of the answer is in the feed. Organic Chicken Feed: What's in it and Why? 1. Corn provides a little protein and a lot of simple carbohydrates for dietary energy. Thanks to the xanthophyll pigment derived from the digested corn, chickens lay eggs with beautiful golden yellow yolks. 2. High on the list of ingredients is dried beans, packing more than twice the protein of corn as well as a little energy boost. Light-colored varieties have the lowest amount of tannins, making them a better choice for protein digestibility. 3. Soy is used primarily for its protein and secondly for its energy. An added bonus is the slightly peanut-ty taste that roasted soy adds to the fat molecules of the eggs. 4. Flax seed is a nutritional powerhouse high in Omega 3 oils supplying a good combination of protein and energy. It's usually kept at or below 20% of the entire feed mix to prevent any off-flavors. 5. Barley also supplies a good combination of protein and energy. 6. Rounding out the list are smaller amounts of alfalfa hay, aragonite (calcium carbonate), crab meal and a little Poultry Nutri-Balancer (a vitamin and mineral supplement.) The ""chicken vs. the egg ""debate may continue, but either way, you can trust Reedy Fork for your organic chicken feed. "

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