"When people first begin to buy organic and non-GMO products, they sometimes get a bit of sticker shock. Let's face it, the initial cost of feeding your animals organic products is more. The operative word there, however, is 'initial'. At Reedy Fork Farm, we discovered this for ourselves, back when we made the switch from being a conventional to an organic dairy. It didn't take long for us to see a much healthier herd of dairy cows, and our veterinarian bill plummeted. Our healthier cows produced healthier milk, and the health benefits extended to those who bought our milk. Certified Organic Feed like ours is GMO free, and it's free from chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fertiliers, synthetic substances, sewage sludge, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Your animals will be healthier, their byproducts will be healthier, and the benefit is passed along to you! "

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