"[caption id=""attachment_4192"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""600""] Roasted Whole Soybeans[/caption]Soybeans have a terrible reputation. You’ve seen it on Facebook, in magazines, and heard it from your next door neighbor. It’s suspected that soy can cause a wide range of health problems – from breast cancer to migraine headaches. It is true that the isoflavones in soy actually mimic the hormone estrogen, possibly triggering early onset of puberty and other developmental disorders. Hard to digest tannins in the skins of soybeans are also a cause of concern for many individuals. The biggest problem, however, is that over half of the soybeans produced in the United States are genetically altered. At Reedy Fork Farm, because we’re certified organic, we don’t use GMO soybeans on our farm in any form. Since soybeans are such a great source of protein for animals, we use non-genetically modified soybeans in many of our feeds. While non-GMO soybeans have less tannin, we actually roast our soybeans to break up the last bits, so your animals can digest them better! We also offer soy-free varieties of feed for poultry and for other animals. Whichever feed you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality organic feed possible for your animals. Your animals will be healthier, and your animal products will be, too – from our fork to yours!"

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