"It's no secret that hens can be temperamental. Of course - lest you think we're being sexist - so can roosters, but hens often show that something is wrong by slowing down or stopping their egg production. If your girls aren't laying regularly, there are several things that could be bothering them. Here's a diagnostic guide: Air. Just like people, chickens need their space. Each chicken needs at least 1.5 square feet. Obviously, your coop is probably much bigger than that, but if you divide the square footage of your coop by the number of chickens you have and it's less than the recommended amount, you have a problem. Make sure your flock has plenty of space in the coop, the shade, or in the sun. Water. Did you know if you withheld water for twelve hours, your girls won't lay for a day. Even worse, if they don't receive water for 24 hours they may never lay again! Make sure that you don't let your hens go dry. They need fresh water, and easy access to it. And in the winter, don't let that water freeze! Feed. We all know where the best feed is made, but do you know why they need the complete feed from Reedy Fork Farm? Our certified organic feed has all the protein, minerals, and calcium chickens need to provide an egg that is of the highest quality. Our feed also has grit, which helps to grind the feed along with bugs, and forage. Grit helps them digest everything they eat to its fullest potential. These three elements will help your chickens produce beautiful, nutritious, delicious eggs. Place your feed order today, and check that box soon for a fresh egg just for you! "

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