"The heat isn’t the only thing that gets to us and our livestock. While we can escape indoors when we’re tired of swatting flies, our animals aren’t so lucky. [caption id=""attachment_339"" align=""alignleft"" width=""300""] Our favorite fly repellent.[/caption]Reedy Fork Farms is pleased to offer remedies that are effective for reducing flies around our livestock but kind to the environment such as ourAgri-Dynamics Ecto-Phyte™All Natural Aeromatic Livestock Spray. One part Ecto-Phyte™ with water or mineral oil begins the process of reducing the infestation. Spraying Ecto-Phyte™ in stalls and misting liberally on the livestock will result in fewer flies but will not harm the animals. Ecto-Phyte™contains essential oils from plants including the ones you learned work best to keep mosquitos and flies away. Ecto-Phyte™is a formulated natural solution containing castor oil, essential oils of orange, eucalyptus, citronella, clove, eugenol, lemongrass and plant oil surfacants. When mixed with mineral oil, Ecto-Phyte™is also an effective remedy for lice, fleas and mange infestation. Reedy Fork Farm is a certified dealer of Agri•Dynamicsproducts because they, like us, believe in preserving healthy soil where our animals graze and where we grow our food. Their products are designed to love the earth while remedying and promoting optimal results for your business."

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