"We pride ourselves on giving our customers a feed that meets their needs and preferences. That's why we have soy free and gluten free feeds. We've found that people who need gluten feed tell us two different things: ""I'm allergic to the feed!"" Some of you have such sensitivity to gluten that you truly can't be exposed to it in any way. Even though you're not ingesting it, touching feed with grains containing gluten, or simply breathing the feed dust gives you a reaction. ""I can tell the hens ate gluten!"" It's rare, but some with celiac disease or with very high gluten sensitivities have reported that they have problems eating eggs from chickens fed gluten grains. Read more about that here. So - gluten allergy or not - we mill feed so you can still have fresh eggs and have fun feeding your girls. Here's something new for you to say: ""I'd like to order some of that soy free/gluten free feed!"" Or, place your order here."

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