"More than 90% of Americans want to know when they are eating or purchasing food that has genetically engineered ingredients. Most developed countries - like the EU, Japan, Australia, Brazil and even China - require that GE food be labeled. The United States does not! Just Label It is a campaign that advocates for the mandatory labeling of Genetically Engineered foods. There are several things that you can do to help: 1. Comment. Tell the FDA that you want to know what's in your food! 2. Eat fresh produce. Even if it's not organic, most fresh produce does not contain GMO's. 3. Avoid corn, soy, canola, cotton and sugar made from beets that is NOT labeled USDA certified organic or Non-GMO Project Verified. 4. Buy organic. 5. Use the True Shoppers Guide or App. Download the guide here. Install the app here. 6. Spread the word. Share the video below. Like the Just Label It Facebook page. Tell others about the app. Encourage your friends to speak up! 7. Visit Just Label It. There's lots more information on their website. Thanks for doing your part! "

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