Nowadays when you mention feed, some folks think you're talking about social media. Reedy Fork Farm knows about using media but the feed it cares about most is produced organically in its mill. We offer feed mixes for cows, equine, goats, rabbits, turkeys, sheep, swine and chickens. We offer soy-free feeds and supplements to aid in the growth and health of your livestock. If you've been running your operation for a time, then you probably know that Fertrell has a strong reputation for excellent organic products. When it comes to producing our feed, balance is everything. Using Fertrell minerals in our feed allows us to find that balance to keep livestock at its healthiest. Don't see a feed that you need? Contact us with your custom order/ratio. All custom orders require a 250lb minimum and will incur a $50.00 per ton custom order fee. A custom feed is anything that varies from the feeds we already mill. Choose ingredients, grind, and more when we make your custom feed! Of course it takes more than feeding animals to keep them strong. Our line of Agri-Dynamics, Sea-Agri, and Thorvin¬†products are designed to promote strong bones and proper growth, properly functioning digestive systems, and improved fertility. We invite you to explore our web site to find out which feeds and supplements are right for your operation. If you prefer an old fashioned route, call us or drop us an email and we'll get back to you just as soon as we're done with our chores.  

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