"Judging from the increasing orders of organic duck feed at Reedy Fork, taking care of ducks has started to be a popular pastime. WHY DUCKS ANYWAY? Delicious duck is for dinner. Think about duck soup, duck prosciutto and roasted duck. Are you hungry for duck confit or seared duck breast? Creative chefs prepare organic duck meat in a plethora of ways. Extra Large Eggs excel in baking. They’re huge: the whites contain more protein and the yolks are richer than chicken eggs. Duck eggs whip up fluffier and make your cakes lighter and higher. Walk like a duck. This one might not be the reason you expected, but ducks are used to train sheep dogs to herd. (Now you know.) WHAT A DUCK NEEDS: Another duck or two. They’re social birds and long to be in a flock. One duck alone isn’t a happy duck. Water! Water! Ducks find true happiness, love and a host of other pleasant things on a pond or lake. Back yard enthusiasts may depend on small kiddie pools, but these need to be emptied each evening and refilled each morning. A sleeping pen, tonight and again. You can protect ducks from predators and encourage laying with a small shelter for evenings. Estimates vary between 4 to 10 square feet per bird for pen space. Room to forage. Left to their own devices, ducks can destroy a small garden. They eat and poop more than chickens although their poo is more watery than chickens. For outdoor space to roam, between 10 and 25 square feet per bird would be advised. Ducks always welcome a bit of shade.. Their favorite feed. When they’re not eating slugs or bugs, ducks love Reedy Fork Farm Organic Duck Feed. It’s all they can quack about. Special thanks to our friend Matt from Smoking Goat Farm who took time of his busy, duck-filled schedule to let us know a little bit about his flock, and shared the amazing pictures!
If you decide to welcome ducks to wherever you live, take time to order Reedy Fork Organic Feed. Happy ducks will thank you later.

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