"The health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar have long been touted for humans, but did you know of the benefits that is has for your livestock? Here at Reedy Fork Farm, we regularly add ACV to the water that our cows and chickens drink. People add Apple Cider Vinegar to the water they give their livestock because it relieves heat stress, especially important when these hot July and August days roll around. It also acts as a de-wormer, and even treats bacterial infections like coccidiosis. The bottom line is that it makes for a healthier animal. The acid in vinegar helps animals to absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently. Remember, pests choose easy targets. Healthy animals are not as attractive to parasites and diseases as those who are sickly. Adding vinegar to their water is an inexpensive, natural, and easy way to boost the immune system. Are you ready too give it a try? We have ACV available in 1 gallon jugs. Contact us today to place your order. "

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