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Part Number: 458
Phyto-Mast®To Enhance Milk Quality For Lactation or Dry-Off.For Udder, Eye and Skin Health1 Box – 12 Tubes, Free Shipping on 6 boxes.To Enhance Milk Quality For Lactation or Dry-OffFor Udder, Eye and Skin Health12 tubes / box with alcohol pads.Botanical formula comes in 15cc tubes2 tubes at 1st milking & 2 tubes at 2nd milkingPhyto-Mast® is the most scientifically testednatural treatment for dairy cows in the world.Ingredients: Angelica spp., Glycyrrhiza sp., Thymussp., Gaultheria sp., vitamin A, D & E, certified organicolive oil.Due to botanical aroma, milk from the bad quartershould not be put into the bulk tank during use and for12 hours afterward. Animals should not be sold forslaughter until 1 day after use.

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