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Fertrell Cal Mag Booster

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Fresh Cow Supplement.
Part Number: 135
Fresh Cow Supplement. Cal-Mag Booster is a blend of Aragonite, organic sugar, Epsom salts (for magnesium), Fertrell Invigorate, cayenne pepper powder, and vitamin C. These are essential minerals, both macro and micro, combined with high levels of vitamin and direct-fed microbials to replenish lost body reserves at the time of stress and birthing. Cal-Mag is intended to give freshening animals a boost at calving, kidding or lambing.

It is intended to help prevent milk fever, alert downers, grass tetany - staggers, or in general, off feed conditions. Packaged in 12.5 oz pouches, each pack is a single dose to be mixed with 6-8 oz vinegar.

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