"As the temperatures drop, keeping your livestock healthy is challenging. Reedy Fork Farm offers many supplements that aid in the health of your animals. To help livestock maintain an adequate diet as they burn more calories to stay warm can be as simple as feeding them trace minerals and vitamins that aid in respiratory health, and strengthen their immune systems like our aloe pellets. In addition, check our Sea-Agri products¬†that aid in digestive health, increased milk production, and improved fertility. Fertrell Cal Mag Booster aids in replenishing lost body reserves during the birthing process and in times of stress. This combination of essential minerals, vitamins,s and direct-fed microbials gives freshening animals a boost at calving. Cal-Mag helps to prevent milk fever, alert downers, grass tetany ‚Äì staggers, or in general, off feed conditions. Each packet is a single dose to be mixed with 6 to 8 ounces of vinegar.¬†Fertrell Cal-Mag is equally effective during kidding and lambing. One last important resource: fresh water. Remember, all the protein and supplements won't be consumed if your livestock is dehydrated. Stay warm!  "

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