"“So if you’re an organic dairy, shouldn’t the cows just be getting everything they need from the grass?” Well, in a perfect world with lush green rolling pastures – yes! Our cows would need nothing else to eat but grass. The problem is that the world’s not perfect, and perfect grass isn’t always available to our dairy cows. Sometimes snow falls and covers the grass. Even cold weather discourages cows from going outside and grazing. Just imagine if you could only eat outdoors in subfreezing temperatures. What a diet plan! Sometimes rain falls and floods ruin the cow’s main course. In hot dry seasons and drought - as we saw here in North Carolina a few years ago - the grass withers and disappears. That’s why we strategically supplement with organic cow feed. So now you know. We allow our happy cows to graze in our green pastures whenever it’s possible, and when it’s not, we carefully supplement their diets with just the right amount of organic grains. It’s a good plan for you, the cows, and our good earth. ------------------- Special thanks to James Dalton (he's @grassmilk on Twitter) for the picture of the snow and hay! PS If you're interested further, read this: Cows need nutritionists? Don’t they just eat grass?"

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