"We think it's sad that Farmer's Markets aren't open in the fall, but that's just the way it is. Cooler weather and spent crops mean that there just aren't enough customers for some markets. BUT the good news is that the Western Wake Farmer's Market in Cary still has a winter market! We'll be there through March 28, 2015. Even if you're far from that market, Reedy Fork Farm products are available year round. Here's a handy guide to Reedy Fork Farm products during the non-Farmer's Market season! Organic Feed is available from our retail outlets, by delivery, and from the farm. Organic Beef is available at the farm, at Company Shops Market in Burlington, Deep Roots Market in Greensboro, and through Redbud Produce. Certified Organic Pastured Poultry Eggs are available on our farm, at Deep Roots Market in Greensboro, and all three Weaver Street Markets. Our other organic products are available from the farm or by delivery. Contact us if you have any questions about availability or if you want to place an order."

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