The booming business of alternatives to cow’s milk is difficult for us to ignore. Here at Reedy Fork Farm, we operate our dairy to provide quality, certified organic milk for distribution throughout the region. We sell our milk to Organic Valley, a cooperative that has supported small farms for more than 30 years. We began our proud association with Organic Valley in 2007. Marketing campaigns in recent years have propped up alternative forms of milk as being better for human consumption. We believe our customers deserve some basic information about cow’s milk, which has gotten a bad rap. The facts of dairy milk being good for you and your family include:
  • Milk aids in healthy weight maintenance. Yep, all those ads about whole milk being higher in calories are telling only half the story. You may be consuming more calories, but you are also getting more protein, which makes you feel fuller longer and can prevent overeating; certain ingredients like the linoleic acid in milk promotes breaking down fat and inhibits fat production. Also, a diet rich in dietary calcium aid in inhibiting fat absorption in the body.
  • Milk is good for your bones. Now this is one fact every kid remembers. Milk is an excellent source of nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin K, phosphorus and magnesium. Adding milk to your diet may help prevent bones diseases like osteoporosis. Milk has protein, that magical ingredient that aids in strong bones. Protein makes up 50 percent of bone volume and around one third of bone mass. Consuming more protein aids in protecting against bone loss.
  • Milk is a versatile ingredient when baking, cooking and making smoothies. Ever taste a cookie made with alternatives to milk? Not the cookies Grandma made. The rich flavor and heavy consistency of milk is a preferred ingredient to many recipes. Even if you are not a milk fan, you can use other dairy products with similar nutrient profiles. For example, unsweetened yogurt made from milk has the same amount of protein, calcium and phosphorus.
  • The alternatives may contain ingredients like sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives and thickeners. If you don‚Äôt drink milk due to lactose intolerance, Organic Valley offers milk products that are lactose-free.
  • Milk is nature‚Äôs nourishment for newborn animals. They thrive on milk due to its abundance of nutrients including vitamin B12 for healthy nerve and blood cells; Potassium for the body‚Äôs fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals; and vitamin B2 or Riboflavin that helps to break down carbohydrates and fats to produce energy and increase oxygen for the body.
Don’t let the hype fool you. Enjoy your milk each and every day.

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