"Kelp is a nutrient rich seaweed that has long been known to boost health and and the immune system. It's very beneficial to all livestock animals, and many people give it to their dogs and cats as well. Kelp already in almost all of our feeds, but you can purchase organic OMRI certified Kelp from us as a supplement to your animals' diet. It's easy to add a bit of Kelp (see chart below for amounts*) to feed. At the Reedy Fork farm store, we sell Kelp in 50 and 25 pound bags, as well as by the pound. Place your kelp order here. Benefits of Kelp Beef Cattle, Horses, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry
  • Improves feed utilization
  • Excellent source of iodine which helps regulate metabolism
  • Improves overall production (e.g., milk, weight gain)
  • Reduces or eliminates breeding problems
  • Reduces internal parasites in pigs
  • Reduces the incidence of white muscle disease in lambs
  • Prevents wool shedding and increases wool quality in sheep
Dairy Cows
  • Increases milk butterfat levels with fewer fluctuations
  • Increases iodine content in milk
  • Reduces the incidence of mastitis
  • Significantly reduces milk fever
  • Reduces or eliminates breeding problems (e.g., reduces the number of services required for conception, increases the rate of conception)
  • Increases egg production and iodine content
  • Darkens yolk and skin color
  • Strengthens shells
  • Enhances the flexibility and sheen of the skin and coat in dogs, cats, and horses ‚Äì a good measure of overall health
Feeding Rates* Recommended feeding rates 50 pounds to 1 ton of feed. Dairy Cows and Beef Cattle:¬†2 - 4 oz. per day Heifers:¬†¬†2 - 4 oz. per day Calves:¬†¬†1 ‚Äì 2 oz. per day Range Cattle:¬†free choice at two parts meal to one part salt mix Horses:¬†¬O oz. per day Goats:¬†2% of ration Sheep:¬†2% of ration Swine:¬†Free choice or 50 lbs to 2000 lbs of complete ration Chickens, broilers or layers:¬†1% of total feed pre-mixed Turkeys:¬†1 to 2% of total feed pre-mixed Dogs:¬†(standard size): 1 teaspoon per day Cats:¬†¬º teaspoon per day Place your kelp order here."

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