"If you weigh the eggs that a hen lays over a year's time, you'll discover that the number equals to about eight times her body weight.* A lot of what a hen eats goes right into her eggs, especially effecting the color of the yolks. Now we have to tell you the truth. The color orange doesn't guarantee that the yolk is healthy. But chickens that eat foods containing xanthophylls and Omega 3 fatty acids do produce healthier eggs, and the yolk is more likely to have eggs with that gorgeous deep orange color. If you want good nutrition and orange yolks, we recommend that you feed your chickens our feed, which contains flax seeds, corn and alfalfa pellets. Another great addition is kelp, which you can top dress, mix in, or put in a separate bucket. These four things give the lovely color, and all of the ingredients we put in our feed make for a healthier egg - from our fork to yours! *On Food and Cooking McGee "

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