"The annual Sustainable Agricultural Conference is November 15 - 17 in Durham, and Reedy Fork Farm owners George and Cherry Teague will be there along with office manger Melissa Blanchard and her husband Jeff. It's an event we all look forward to each year. We learn a lot, see a lot, and meet a lot of great people. There are intensive workshops before the conference officially begins, like the one called ""Pastured Poultry: Doing It Right"" that we know will interest many of you. During the weekend, attend sessions about everything from sustaining your farm's finances to horticulture to livestock to bees. As for us, we'll have someone at the booth so you can drop by and say hello! We're giving away two Joel Salatin books from Fertrell, as well as Reedy Fork Farm tshirts, reusable grocery bags, feeding scoops and more! AND you can take home a sample - or a bag - of our feed. Conference hours are Friday 4-6:30 , 8-7:30 Sat, 8-12 Sunday. We will be there for all three days, so please drop by, say hello, and register to win!"

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