"Nothing is peskier for livestock than an abundance of flies and other small insects. Agri Dynamics has developed a mineral designed to cut down on those annoying visitors with Flies Be Gone. We put this mineral out for our animals to eat free choice and find it works well. Flies Be Gone™ performs as an internal repellent since it causes livestock to be less palatable to external blood-sucking parasites, such as flies, mosquitoes, lice, and ticks. Flies Be Gone™ is an excellent approach to managing fly and lice problems. It comes in 50 lb. bags. Summer is also a time for keeping feed from going bad. Humidity is no friend to feed. Make sure your organic feed is stored in a dry, cool place. It will stay fresher longer. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand even when it's wet outside. Animals like to hydrate, too! Hydration is a great aid for digestion, regulates body temperature, helps spread hormones and nutrients throughout the body, and aids in eliminating waste. Daily access to clean water is required to keep livestock at peak performance and health.

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