"At 7:00 this morning, we got the email. We WON first prize in Stonyfield Organic's ""Grant a Farmer's Wish"" contest! Stonyfield is granting us $10,000 to help fund our organic feed mill. We won't repeat the quip that someone had, but yes, we are over the moooooo-n about it! It's been a fun contest, and we've enjoyed hearing from so many of you who voted! Thanks for your support, and for encouraging your friends to vote, too. Yes, we saw all of those 'shares' and 'likes' on Facebook. Congratulations to all the other winners, too. The Mahaffys are building a covered compost shed for their fertilizer made from seafood waste. The Beidlers grow commercial quantities of grain in Vermont, and want to buy new seed cleaning equipment to improve the quality of their seeds and flour. The Snyders want to build a one-acre pond that will power a hydro-electric generator and create a gravity fed water supply that will increase the amount of time cows can be on pasture each year. The Bansons will use grant funds to install a walk-through flytrap that vacuums flies off their cows. The Shirks want to build an aquifer-fed farm pond for irrigation and drinking water. It will have a wind-powered pump that would move water from the pond to the drinking water storage tank. What great farmers, and what great ideas! We are certainly in great company. Thank you again for all of your support. Join us in celebrating with a big tall glass of organic milk. And maybe a yogurt. And some Stringles...And who hid that carton of After Dark Chocolate?"

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