Milo FeedWe have a new grain at Reedy Fork Farm. It's called milo here in the South, and if you go north it's often called grain sorghum. Milo is a good alternative for corn and can add diversity to your feed, providing 7-9% protein and 1400 kcal/lb. Its feeding value is essentially 95-96% same as corn. There are two kinds of milo - red and white. We grow the white milo (organically, of course!), because it is more digestible. Red milo has tannin, and if you see both varieties growing together, you'll notice that wildbirds will be eating the white. It's the same for chickens. They know what's easier on their tummies! You'll see that we use organic milo in some of our chicken feeds. It's a bit more cost effective than corn, which makes it an attractive grain for backyard farmers who mix their own feed, too! Call or stop by today to find out if Milo is a good option for your livestock. So - why are we in stitches? Because more than one of our staff thought that Milo was the cartoon character that costarred with Stitch. We didn't mean to laugh...honest! Place your organic milo order here. PS In case you're confused, too, Milo's sidekick is Otis. And Stitch's sidekick is named Lilo.

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