"If you grow tobacco, you know all about the pesky little critter wreaks havoc on your crop, killing your plant from the roots up. Spraying chemicals to eradicate the parasite is an expensive, not to mention non-organic solution. Local tobacco farmers - organic and conventional, have discovered that using a corn meal product from Fertrell is a cost effective and sustainable way to combat the bugs. Hacks like this are the reason that we decided to have a workshop specifically for tobacco farmers and crop farmers. In this two hour session, you'll hear from Fertrell agronomist Dean Painter, who will share from his vast experience with the tobacco plant as well as many other crops. He'll answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer you solutions to the problems that you face. ""The Ins & Outs of Growing Tobacco and Crops Using Natural and Sustainable Fertilizers"" will be help Monday, March 12 from 10 - 12 at the K&W Cafeteria in Burlington. A free lunch will be served afterwards, so you'll be able to network with other farmers and backyard growers. We do need a headcount, so RSVP to 336.449.4888 or simple contact us here. We look forward to seeing you there!"

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