Vitamin E OilJust in time for spring, we have 3 new products to help supplement your livestock and keep them healthy all year long. And, they’re all available in our store right away! Vitamin E Oil Mix.  This mix is designed to be added to the water surface for your birds, 2-3 drops per day. Adequate vitamin E is necessary for your birds overall good health year round.  This vitamin oxidizes quickly from rations and is a key component to animal nutrition! Fresh Start Whey Product.  Just like with any newborn, the first few hours of a calf’s life are crucial.  That’s why Fresh Start Whey (a colostrum whey product) can help keep them healthy and growing.  This whey has antibodies which help protect newborn calves from disease and help with overall good health and, it’s preservative free! Garlic Oil. No, garlic isn’t just for cooking. This garlic oil from The Fertrell Company takes certified organic garlic and steeps it in certified organic olive oil. Recommended usage is 1-2ml a day to help soothe the ear and as an antibiotic.  And good news, garlic tincture can be used on any species of farm animal. Stop in today and pick up one of these 3 new additional products in our store to keep your livestock healthy and growing strong throughout the year.

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