"We really had such a wonderful time at the Sustainable Agriculture Conference. We met so many wonderful, interesting people - those really interested in growing and eating healthier food. Meeting so many likeminded people was a pleasure - and an encouragement, too. Several times we were asked, ""What does 'grass fed' mean?"" and ""What does organic mean?"" We never get tired of talking about that subject - so we were glad to share! We also were asked a lot about what makes our feed different from others. It was great to have Jeff Mattocks from Fertrell with us to help field some of those queries. He has such a wealth of knowledge - and is just an all around nice guy. There were an awful lot of farmers at the conference, too. They mainly wanted to know about our prices and ingredients. They also wanted to know if we grow our own grain. (We'll answer questions in an upcoming blog post - so stay tuned.) To make the conference more fun, we held two drawings. Stacey C won a 50 pound bag of chicken feed from Reedy Fork Farm, and Jennifer C won a $20 gift certificate from Fertrell minerals! One of the people we 'met' at the conference was an old acquaintance. It was Clay Smith, who runs Red Bud Organic Produce farm in Burlington. Turns out he used to live right across the street from Cherry - and his niece babysat Taylor when he was a little guy! We're thrilled to find another organic produce farm nearby. They definitely have another customer! We welcome all of those who are our news Facebook 'fans' and all of those who joined our newsletter. It was great to meet you - and we look forward to working with you to make sure your animals get the very best feed. If you have any questions, contact us! PS By the way, during the conference, our newsletter got a new name: ""The Reedy Fork Farm 'Feed'"". If you've not signed up for our newsletter, you can do so here. "

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