"Mark your calendar, because it's happening this Sunday. In the United States we're ""springing forward"" an hour. You're going to lose an hour of sleep, and if you don't set your clock ahead, you'll be late for church! It's about savings. The reason that we have Daylight Saving Time is simply to save energy. The shift in the clock allows more of a day's work to be done in the sunlight, conserving the use of electricity, or - back in the day - candles and oil. Today, it's estimated that Nothing new under the sun. Throughout history, people have adjusted their daily schedule to the sun. Over 2000 years ago Roman water clocks were different for various times of the year. Several locations in Canada started the modern DST - called fast time - in the early 1900's. Germany was the first country to adopt the time shift. The United States formally adopted year round Daylight Savings Time in 1942. We're up anyway. On the farm, we're up with the chickens - or the cows - year round, no matter what the clock says. The cows have their own internal clocks, and they know exactly when it's time to be milked! So whether it's DST or Standard time, you can find us out and about, milking cows, milling feed, gathering eggs, and just generally farming. Year round, we're working hard to give you and your animals the very best organic products - from our fork to yours. "

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