"A couple of weeks ago, George and Cherry attended the ""Plow Forward"" conference sponsored by Georgia Organics, an organization designed to connect organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. We know, we're not from Georgia, but we've heard many times that getting organic feed in Georgia is no easy task. We already regularly ship a truckload of feed to a coop there, and we wanted to get the word out and make a connection with others who need a certified organic product for their animals. It was a great conference! First of all, Georgia is such a beautiful state, and the conference center was right on the Chattahoochee river. A train came right down the middle of the street where the convention was, and the food was good, too. But the conference is the people, and the people in Georgia were terrific. We met lots of commercial organic farmers, with a variety of animals. There was a particular interest in our organic goat feed. As always, though, the backyard farmers needed chicken feed. We had lots of discussions on the various types of chicken rations we offer - starter, grower, soy free. The really fun part of the conference was that we got to meet several of our existing customers, including the one and only Daniel Dover, who organizes our Georgia shipment each month. There were some wonderful seminars and classes at the conference, but you couldn't prove it by us, because we were too busy meeting customers and new friends. One of the people we met was Cameron Molberg of Coyote Creek Farm in Texas. Coyote Creek also has an organic feed mill, and it was great to compare notes and just make a friend with someone who knows the fun - and challenges - of having a mill like ours! This is really a side note, but at the conference we began exploring the possibility of putting solar panels up at our dairy barn. These panels would help power the water heater, and would also help heat the milking parlor. Thanks to all of you who visited us at the conference, and made us feel so welcome! We were struck by how much the organic and sustainable living movement has grown in Georgia since the last time we were there. We look forward to our next visit! Logo used by permission from Georgia Organics."

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