Stonyfield Organic DairyWe're really excited! We just entered Stonyfield Organic Dairy's Farmer's Wish contest! Stonyfield knows that although lots of farmers want to be organic, it takes a lot of resources (like money...) to make that a reality. So Stonyfield has launched the Stonyfield Organic Farmers Grant-a-Wish Program to help! They're going to give grants to help fund innovative organic farming projects like our organic feed mill - projects that can make a strong environmental impact or improve the long-term viability of organic farming. Judges from Stonyfield and Organic Valley, the organic farming cooperative that we belong to, will come to our dairy and judge us on our mill's environmental impact, our ability to sustain organic farming practices, and innovation. And we could win a $10,000 grant! The judges will choose six finalists, and then the public (that's YOU!) will vote on their favorite farmer and project. We'll keep you posted. PS If we win, our picture will be on a yogurt container. We'll be celebrities!

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