"When you see how beautifully our sunflower garden grows, it's easy to miss the beauty of what these flowers produce - and that's the seed! Reedy Fork Farm organic sunflower seeds are packed with energy from the sun, and birds of all kinds - including your backyard flocks - love them. Because of their large size and their solid dark color, our seeds are very visible to birds. The variety we use are easy for wild-birds and chickens to crack open - to get to that delicious nut inside. Serve our organic sunflower seeds scattered on the ground and in any sort of feeder, including tubes, trays, hoppers, and window boxes. You know how much birds and chickens add to your life. Return the favor by spreading a little sunshine to them with sunflower seeds from Reedy Fork Organic Farm. Place your order here. PS Don't forget that we have organic sunflower seed oil, too! "

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