"Even as nature intended, there's no perfect soil. For the best crop possible, farmers and gardeners have to add things to the soil to create the best environment for whatever is being planted. Additions that improve the physical properties of soil are called soil amendments. Soil amendments - soil conditioners - are used to provide a better environment for the plant. Different soil amendments are needed for different climates, soil makeups, and plants. Adding the right things to your soil will increase crop yield, improve flavor, make hardier plants that pack more nutrition and have a longer shelf life. In short - they can seriously increase your bottom line whether you are growing veggies in your windowsill or growing a field of alfalfa for your cows. You're familiar with soil amendments, although you may not have called them that. For example, if you live in North Carolina, you may have added lime to tomato plants fight off blossom end rot. Lime changes (or amends) the amount of acid in the soil. If you've ever mixed compost into your garden, or added clay - even mulch - you've used soil conditioners. Among soil amendments, one of the perennial favorites are sea solids. Sea solids are what's left after sea water evaporates. The residue from the sea water is rich in minerals - calcium, sodium, iron, lithium, manganese - the stuff of life. One of the best sources of sea solids is SeaAgri, a company with a cool story... Many years ago, a medical doctor named Maynard Murray discovered a secluded spot near the Pacific Ocean where natural sea crystals accumulate on the ground, the residue from evaporated natural retention ponds. These ponds are in a pristine, untouched area beside one of the most mineral rich seas on earth. Dr. Murray discovered that when he added these minerals to soil, it restored the mineral balance lost to weather, time, and overuse. After many years of research, Dr. Murray shared his knowledge with Robert Cain, who founded the SeaAgri Inc. to mine and sell as a soil amendment and feed supplement. There's research about SeaAgri, But you don't have to go far to find a farmer who swears by it - story after story of greener crops, healthier roots, larger yields. At Reedy Fork, we're a distributor for the SeaAgri product - called SEA-90. These sea solids are 100% natural and water soluble, are are listed by the USDA National Organic Program and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). We recommend that you give it a try on your farm or garden. Place your SeaAgri order here, and then let us know how it went. We'd love to hear your success story!
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