Livestock supplements need kelp to be effective. Minerals are vital elements to raising healthy livestock. That’s why Reedy Fork Farm uses the brand proven to be highly effective for our organic feed. Fertrell, which has been producing organic products since 1946, supplies minerals that aid Reedy Fork Farm in providing the correct balances for each type of feed we mill. What makes Fertrell minerals superior as livestock supplements? One answer is kelp meal, a form of dried seaweed. Fertrell North Atlantic Kelp Meal is a natural source of dietary nutrients and can be easily incorporated into our feed products. When blended with other nutrients, the kelp meal aids in improving the function of immune systems and reversing depressed immune systems, reducing stress, increasing the quality of meat in your animal, adds greatly to your animals’ daily weight gain, and reduces stress levels for cow and calf at weaning. Kelp meal is a naturally balanced source of trace minerals containing a broad range of minerals such as calcium, fiber, sodium, iron, iodine, and other essential nutrients necessary for optimal animal nutrition. Kelp meal also contains prebiotic potencies, which help to increase your animals’ performance. Prebiotics are a type of fiber that works on animals but not humans. Like probiotics, they contain helpful bacteria and other organisms that aid digestion.

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